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Our Story

Matthew Albert is an animal and civil rights, criminal defense, and personal injury attorney, as well as the founder and Executive Director of Against All Oddz Animal Alliance.

Matt started his law career in 2007 at the Erie County District Attorney's Office, where, as a prosecutor, he oversaw a countrywide anti-animal cruelty task force centered around breaking up dog fighting rings. Upon going to private practice, Matt continued to fight for animals in pursuing civil rights claims where dogs were shot by police officers during search warrants.

In fact, Matt filed and won a litany of lawsuits against the Buffalo Police Department, a rogue outfit that shot more dogs than any other police department of its size in the nation. Because of these lawsuits, dog shooting by police have practically become eradicated in both Buffalo and beyond.

Through these lawsuits, Matt was also able to fund and open his own animal sanctuary and rescue, Against All Oddz Animal Alliance. Opening a sanctuary allowed Matt to combine elements of both law and rescue in making the world more friendly towards our four-legged friends. To this effect, Against All Oddz has many dogs from court cases that were both litigated by Albert or an attorney working for him, and then placed into Against All Oddz's care accordingly.

Person next to rescue dog.
Person at vendor table for Against All Oddz Animal Sanctuary.
Person kissing rescue dog.
Person holding rescue dog.